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  • Zinc Composite Panel
  • Zinc Composite Panel
Zinc Composite PanelZinc Composite Panel

Zinc Composite Panel

  • Panel:3mm,4mm
  • Maxi Width: 1000mm
  • Metal: Elzinc
  • MOQ:1000SQM
  • Product description:
Product Description:

Qualibond Zinc Composite Panel

Zinc composite panel is the upmarket material for building decoration in international marketing which is composited of zinc as the surface panel, aluminum as the back panel and low density polyethylene as the core material. It has the appearance and self-repair function of zinc panel on surface. It makes the long working lifetime and it is good for compositing process. Also it has good strength, leveling, light weight property. And the price is very competitive. Zinc composite panel could be used for upmarket building curtain wall, roof and indoor and outdoor decoration.

Panel: 4mm   Width: 1000mm,  Length: any