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  • Qualibond-FR
  • Qualibond-FR


  • Panel: 2-6mm
  • Maxi Width: 2000mm
  • Aluminum: 0.2,0.3mm
  • Color: White/Color
  • Product description:
Product Description:

Qualibond FR Aluminium Composite Panel (ACM)

Qualibond FR ACP(ACM) is a fire-retardant ACM composed of aluminum skins and mineral-filled fire-retardant core. It can pass most countries' fire-safety codes for exterior and interior. Compared with Qualibond solid aluminum panels, Qualibond FR ACP(ACM) is lightweight, rigid and flat. The surface finish is a coating of fluorocarbon paint. Die Coater that we use in the continuous coil coating line ensures uniform color and smooth coating. The coating variation includes Patterns (Stone, Timber, Metal, and design texture ), produced with a unique image-transfer coating.

Main Raw Materials:

Aluminum Material: High Strength Aluminum Alloy 3003/5005
Core Material: Fire Resistance(FR or HFR)
Surface Coating: PPG PVDF

Thickness: 3~6mm, Standard: 4mm
Width: 1000-2000mm, Standard: 1220mm, 1250mm,1500mm,2000mm
Panel length: up to 5800mm, Standard: 2440mm, 3050mm,4050mm
Aluminum Thickness: 0.20~0.50mm

Qualibond Further advantages:

  • Cost effective
  • Low maintenance
  • Robust durability & Lightweight
  • Unlimited colour range available
  • Quick lead times
  • Weather resistant
  • Easy to install
  • High-class Kynar 500 PVDF surface finish
  • Can be cut onsite and is flexible in terms of its ability to be folded, curved and shaped

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